When Life Changes, It’s Time to Re-Assess Your Insurance Coverage

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The only sure thing in life is change.  No matter whether those changes are cause for happiness or sadness, it is important to be proactive in regard to the potential risks those changes could bring. A change in lifestyle or in the property you own could very well necessitate modifications in the amount or type of insurance coverage you should have.


If any of the following situations have occurred in your life, it is time to contact us to re-evaluate your insurance coverage:


                You have gotten married.

                You had a new baby.

                You have moved.

                You have a new vehicle or sold an existing one.

                There has been a death in your immediate family.

                You’ve gotten a divorce.

                One of your children has gotten his or her driver’s license.

                One or more of your children have gone away to college.

                Your adult children have become financially independent.

                You’ve remodeled your house.

                You’ve purchased new fine jewelry or artwork.

                You’ve purchased a recreational vehicle, boat, ATV or snowmobile.


You can count on your representatives here at the Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency to give you Trusted Advice ~ Reliable Solutions for  all your personal and business insurance needs…. today and, as your life changes.


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