What 9 Items Are Best Bought in Winter?

<img style="margin: 5px; height: 180px; float: right;" alt="bigstock-Saving-Money-8173913.png" src="” />While traditionally retail spending by consumers hits the winter doldrums in the months of January and February, it is the perfect time to purchase out of season items, and overstock of last year’s models of certain types of merchandise.

Besides some specific individual items, there are also two major sales events to look forward to in the winter. The first sales event is features football’s Big Game and consumers can find deals on all items that would help them to enjoy the game.

Another shopping bonanza revolves around President’s Day, which now is always celebrated on the third Monday of February. Started in 1879, as a Federal Holiday to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, over time the holiday has come to be referred to as President’s Day, to honor all presidents past and present. That tradition has evolved into a mecca for retailers who use the day as a great time to offer discounts on items of all kinds. Expect to find special deals on cars, major appliances, home furnishings (particularly mattresses), winter clothing and vacation packages.

Winter is a great time to take advantage of retailers’ need to purge old inventory.
1. Digital Cameras and Small Electronics
Trade shows like the International Consumer Electronics Show take place early in January and showcase new models of cameras and small electronics.  By late January and early February, retailers anxious to make room on their shelves for the new inventory, discount last year’s models to the benefit of, you, the savvy buyer.
2. Furniture
New furniture designs are released in spring so winter is a great time to search for bargains. Be on the lookout in showrooms for “as is” but good condition floor samples of discontinued models.
3. Winter Clothing
Spring is coming quickly and retailers will be clearing their winter sweaters, jackets and boots for the fresh, light fare of more summery clothing. Look for greatly reduced items.

Save on items that are typically used in warmer weather.
Winter in colder climates can mean savings for you, the consumer, on items that would typically be used in the warmth of summer days. With these items, the major factor in the savings is supply and demand.  Retailers know that when demand is high, they can charge more.  So, outsmart them by purchasing off-season items when the demand is low.
In winter look for savings on items like:
4. Bicycles
5. Air Conditioners and Fans
6. Gas Grills
7. Boats

Winter wedding bells can mean a cost savings for you.
8. The least expensive time to get married is when everyone else isn’t. November through February are typically the months to get the best deals on wedding items (vendors – venues), since most couples prefer to hold their wedding in warmer months.

A mid-winter lull in travel brings savings on travel items like luggage.
9. With the holidays are over and spring and summer breaks not yet here, February is the best time to purchase luggage at a discount. If your current luggage has seen just a few too many miles, now is the time to snap up your new set before the deals fly away.

Even if these items are not on your must purchase list for this year, tuck the ideas away and remember you can always look to Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency for Trusted Advise ~ Reliable Solutions.