Our Go! Weekend Picks ~ Support Local Independent Eateries

Our Weekend Picks.pngWhat are you planning for dinner tonight? In our hurried lives today, 2 out of 5 consumers report that they are not using restaurants as often as they wish they were. If you do decide to go out to dinner, do you put much thought into whether your choice is a chain restaurant or a local eatery?

A chain by definition should provide you more typical fare, with an eating experience that is commonplace from one establishment in the chain to another. With a local eatery, comes the chance to find hidden gems of yummy goodness. Our Go! Weekend Picks this week puts the focus on these local restaurants.

The choices for local restaurants should be abundant in your city, since the National Restaurant Association reports that seventy percent of eating-and-drinking place establishments are single-unit operations ~ in other words independent restaurants. However, even though the independent restaurants far outnumber chains, 3 out of 4 times people will choose to patronize a chain restaurant instead of a local establishment.

With Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge’s commitment to supporting our local community, we encourage you to seek out these wonderful  independently owned and operated culinary treasure troves.

Here are two of our Dayton area favorites that you may not have discovered, yet.


Jimmie’s Ladder 11

Found on Brown Street near downtown, Dayton, this eatery is housed in a restored firehouse. Originally constructed in 1892, Firehouse 11 was the last of the horse drawn hose companies in Dayton. The restaurant officially opened on 11/11/11 and has been serving mouth-watering food and thirst-quenching beers and spirits in a friendly and welcoming  atmosphere to rave reviews, ever since.


Christopher’s Restaurant

With dinner dishes that range from honey BBQ chicken to Alfredo Medley to a vegan Quinoa Saute,  Christopher’s is definitely high on the must try list for those desiring a more whole food approach to eating out.  Because of its unassuming location in a strip mall in Kettering, it is easy to not notice this wonderful restaurant.  But it is well worth the trip. With its wooden tables and eclectic decor, this cozy establishment will satisfy with delicious food and courteous wait staff.


For Dayton’s southern neighbors, we have found two links to wonderful collections of independently owned restaurants in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.


For a listing of restaurants where you can dine in an atmosphere steeped in history, click here.


Sometimes, the best places to eat are tucked away in hidden corners. To discover the hiding places of these culinary treats, click here.


All of us at Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge wish you bon appétit!