Our Weekend Pick is a Mystery

Our Weekend Picks.pngNothing gets your mind off of the hustle and bustle of the season than unraveling a good mystery. Our Pick of the week is the unique dining experience of Mystery and Mayhem Interactive Dinner fun at the Dayton Spaghetti Warehouse.

Not only do you get to enjoy a wonderful meal, but you also become a part of the show and get to play detective to solve the crime of the evening. Prizes are awarded each night for the top three most correct answers. All of the scripts are originals written by Jerry & Tamara Francis.

For the month of December, the mystery show revolves around the hilarious antics of the Glad Tidings Players who perform a Christmas Pageant every year. Problems taint this year’s production. Will the show go on or will this Christmas be less than merry?

The mystery for January through March next year spins around a dance competition that gets into full swing as the show unfolds. Pat Sways and his partner love to dance and have an enthusiastic following of supporters. Not everyone is on their side though! Charles Stun the emcee, judge and dance teacher is on the look-out for an opportunity to eliminate them. Will he succeed? Maybe… maybe not. You’ll have to join in the mystery to find out.

For $25.95 (not including tax and gratuity) you can be a detective for an evening.  Click here for information on reservations and date availability.