7 tips to Tricking your Trick or Treat Costume Budget

Trick or Treat… give me something good to eat. It is time for the young and the young at heart to dress up and have a howling good time. The National Retail Federation has said that families are spending an average of almost $80 this year on Halloween festivities, from the costumes, to the candy and the decorations. This is an increase from the $72.31 that the average family spent last year.

Families are expected to spend the largest portion of the Halloween budget on costumes. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 7 ways you can save on your Halloween costumes.

1. Swap it.
Do a costume swap with other families in your neighborhood or in your community of friends.  Check to see if there is a mom’s group in your area that does a costume swap.

2. Use what is in Your Closet.
Get creative with items you may already have. An over-sized orange sweatshirt with black felt eyes and mouth attached and plumped up with pillows underneath, gives you the start of a jack-o-lantern. Add some brown face paint and a brown beret and you have completed the stem to be a walking pumpkin.

3. Make a trip to a consignment or thrift shop.
Go to a local thrift store for used costumes or for great possibilities to be creative at a fraction of the cost of full retail.

4. Buy Late.
Get next year’s costume right after this year’s Halloween. Retailers always run specials after the holiday to reduce their inventory.

Ballerina dress.jpg5. Go Online.
Check out online stores like E-Bay or Thred-up.  This dress was found on Thred-up for $8.99. Add tights, a simple bow, ballet shoes and sparkly make-up (that you may already have) and you have created a beautiful ballerina.

6. Sell Last Year’s Costume.
Alternatively, use E-bay or Craigslist to sell the costume you wore last year. Use the money you make to purchase your new costume.

7. Make your own make-up from common household items. Click here, for great tips on how to do that.



Now, that you are set with your costume, here are links to the Tri-State and Dayton Metro Beggar’s Nights for 2012.  As always, stay safe and make this a holiday of more treats than tricks.