Good Air Quality in Your Car Tires can Reduce Insurance Premiums

Being a car owner means you are responsible for more than just the gas you put into the tank. Have you ever thought about how much air is in each of your tires? If the air is low, this could cause serious damages to your vehicle or worse, a collision. You don’t want to put yourself or others at risk for injury when this type of problem is preventable.

Underinflated tires are not only an accident waiting to happen, but they also increase tire wear and waste gas. Budgeting is tough enough as is, so you don’t want to waste more money on damages and high insurance costs. This is why inflating your tires to the specified pressure is so important. Make it a habit to check and refill your tires once a month. This can be done with a digital tire gauge that you can keep it in the car. Use your owner’s manual to find the tire pressure level required.

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There are two ways to refill your tires with the right amount of air. First, you can go to an auto parts store and get a portable air compressor. Then, this allows you to do it yourself at home whenever you want. Or, you can refill the tires at the gas station. Most air compressors charge 50 cents. If you get in the habit of checking your tire pressure, you may be able to find a reliable gas station with good air compressor.

With tires that are inflated to the required pressure, you can now drive safely with more gas in your tank! At Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency, we hope you pay attention to the needs of your vehicle and protect it when necessary. Having reliable auto insurance is one way to do this. We can create a package that fits your financial situation and lifestyle. Being mindful of the risks you face on the road by having good air quality in your tires can reduce your insurance premiums, help you avoid accidents, and reduce damages inflicted on your car.