Active Restoration: Your Ally When Calamity Strikes

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Let’s imagine, upon returning home from a wonderfully relaxing vacation you are jarred back to reality after seeing a small lake of standing water has oozed its way out of your utility closet.

 Water has seeped down the hallway, soaking the carpet and making its way up the walls. UCK! The water heater broke while you were gone.

After a quick call to the Barker, Beck, Collins and Kronauge Agency, you contact a restoration company who will help you get your home back in order.  At this point, you could be in touch with Active Restoration, our featured local business.

Superior customer service is the driving force of Active Restoration, the company that James Griffin founded 4 years ago, after a number of years working in the industry. From moment he and his crews arrive at your home or business, you will know your project is in good hands. Sparing no detail, the care he and his workers take starts with the use of footies over their shoes to protect the undamaged parts of your property.

A skilled listener, James, takes the time to assess what is important to you and strives to keep communication open to guide you through your choices as your restoration project moves through to completion.  James directs his crews to repair your home or business while keeping the perspective that a large part of their job is to protect your treasured furnishings.  Careful partitioning of the work area with plastic creates a dust barrier to protect the undamaged part of your property and allows the equipment to focus on the affected area. As he says, “What people have collected over their life is their life, not drywall and paint.”

Active Restoration can do everything to restore your property from a simple dry out to full construction. Here is a glossary of terms you may hear when you call on them:

Mitigation: Refers to doing whatever work is needed to protect, secure and restore a property once the damaging event has occurred

Water Removal: Includes the extraction and removal of excess water

Dry Out: A service where a vortex drying process is done on your property to ensure a thorough drying out of excess moisture

Pack Out:  Refers to moving contents from your damaged property to the safety of a warehouse, so that restoration efforts can continue on your property

Cleaned & Deodorized: Once the contents are removed to a warehouse, they are carefully cleaned of soot/smoke and then they are put into an ozone/hydroxyl chamber for deodorizing, as needed.

Storage:  The contents of your property are stored in a clean, dry, climate-controlled environment.

Put Back: Once the restoration process is complete, the contents are placed back in your home or business.

All of us here at Barker, Beck, Collins and Kronauge Agency hope, for your sake, that you never have cause for a restoration project. However, if that event happens, it sure is nice to know that you have a solid company like Active Restoration in your corner.