Simple Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Are you trying to find ways to fill up time on lazy Saturdays? Why not try a home improvement project? This doesn’t have to be a complex job that takes months to complete. Instead, pick something that has needed to be done for a while, but you didn’t have time to get to in the past. A simple renovation can make the summer days feel more productive.

Even smallest changes in your home can make the biggest difference. They can also save you money since you won’t have to hire a contractor for months on end. Simple DIY projects can be quick to complete and the family can even participate. The following are some weekend home improvement projects you can start getting busy on:

Unclog the Kitchen Drain: Is your kitchen starting to get smelly? This may be due to an unclogged drain. If you have been putting this issue off, now may be a good time to fix it. All you need to do is pour a declogging solution down the drain from the store, and in 10 minutes, you’ll be done.
Replace an Old Mailbox: Each morning when you get the mail, is the latch always down or does rust get all over the paper? It may be time for a new mailbox. Replace your old one on a weekend when it’s nice outside. This small project will benefit you and the mailman!

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Paint a Room: This inexpensive home improvement activity can be one for the whole family. It will also transform a space and your home for the better. This can be done in one weekend for everyone to enjoy for a lifetime.
Repair Driveway Cracks: Do you dread pulling into your driveway due to a huge bump or crack? Avoid causing more damages to your tires by taking care of the issue. Repair the damages by buying inexpensive concrete caulk and cover the hazards. Then your driveway will look good as new.
Change Smoke Detector Batteries: Make an effort to promote safety this hot summer by checking to see that your smoke detectors work properly. A simple change of the batteries can save lives.

At Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency, we hope this list of weekend home improvement projects will help you accomplish everything you have been putting off. When it comes to your home, you want to make it a space where everyone feels comfortable a safe. So as you work to renovate your property this summer, make sure you always take precaution to avoid an accident or injury.