You’re Just a Smoothie Away from Wholesome Nutrition!

Local Focus 150 square.jpgIn light of the fact that the Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency is dedicated to supporting our local business owners, we will be highlighting a local business on a regular basis.

Today, we are featuring Smoothie King, a Dayton, Ohio area franchise, owned by husband and wife team, Lynne and Eric Pierce-French. When the gift of an inheritance gave them the opportunity to build a better future for their son, Robert White, a single father with 4 growing children, Lynne and Eric set about serious study of their options. After much consideration, they chose a Smoothie King franchise.  They found that Smoothie King’s philosophy of offering tasty smoothies using real fruit and wholesome ingredients, nutritional products and supplements was a perfect way to blend their interest in health with their desire to help others. Their first store, located across from the Dayton Mall on State Route 725, opened in March of 2011 with their son, Robert, at the helm as General Manager.

While the term smoothie, or smoothy as it was first spelled, has been used since the beginning of the 1900’s, it did not start referring to food or drink until the late 1950’s when Latin and South Americans opened the first juice bars. A decade later, as a fix for his own allergies, the founder of Smoothie King, Steve Kuhnau, began experimenting with ingredients that would allow him to enjoy a protein drink that was not milk-based. His concoctions started having a profound positive affect on his health and by the early 1970’s the first Smoothie King smoothie was sold.

While everyone can enjoy a Smoothie King smoothie, those with special dietary needs will rejoice at the choices available to them. For instance, The Gladiator smoothie with only 180 calories, 0 grams of fat and sugar, and only 1 gram of carbohydrates is perfect for Gastric By Pass patients and diabetics.

Currently there are eight categories of smoothies offered by the chain: Stay Healthy, Trim Down, Get Energy, Shape Up, Snack Right, Indulge and Kid’s Kups. Each category has ingredients that have been carefully combined to give you maximum health benefits for your goals, whether your goal is losing weight, adding weight and muscle, antioxidant support, increased energy or simply having a delicious treat. The antioxidants from the fresh fruit and the addition of Smoothie King’s choices of Enhancers boost the health benefits of this wonderful alternative to fast food. With flavors as diverse as Angel Food, the runaway favorite, to Raspberry Sunrise or Coffee Smoothie Mocha, you are sure to find exactly what your taste buds are thirsting to enjoy.

Health and wellness ambassadors, Lynne and Eric are excited to announce plans to expand their reach in the Dayton area by opening a second Smoothie King store in the near future in the Fairfield Commons Mall area. You can also look for their Smoothie King concessions at Fifth-Third Field the next time you go to a Dayton Dragons game.

The Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency supports Southwestern Ohioans in their quest for health. Through August 31, 2012, click here for your chance to win a $50 Smoothie King gift card.