Help Your Lawn Grow Healthy and Strong this Summer

Are you having trouble helping your lawn grow to its fullest potential? In life, nothing goes perfectly, but with a little guidance and support, a strong and healthy outcome may result. As you work towards improving the look of your yard, it is also important to think about how your home could be a better and safer place for your family. The comfort your property emits is what will help it last for years to come, just as your lawn should.

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You may have noticed that the lack of rainfall has damaging your lawn, causing it to turn brown. Since the region has been abnormally dry, it is important that you take care of your grass so you can help protect it, just like you would your home. The following are some tips on how to nurture and grow your grass during the dry and hot summer months:

• Grow your grass longer than you usually would. This will help your yard withstand the heat since longer grass can retain water better.
• Keep the moisture level in your yard stable by leaving mulch grass clippings throughout.
• You may think fertilizing your grass is helping it, but in reality, this is a threat to it. The mixture of extreme heat and lawn fertilizer will damage your grass.
• Watering early in the morning as opposed to later will help your lawn remain moist and not dry out so quickly. In addition, watering it deeply helps the lawn extend its roots deeper into the soil, where moisture can be found.
• Wasting water during the summer on your lawn always seems to be a problem for many homeowners. By installing a timer or an automatic shutoff for sprinklers, you can monitor the use of water, nourish your lawn, and save money.

At Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency, our goal is to help you and your family save money as well. We encourage you to maintain a healthy and happy Ohio home by implementing safety rules. Keeping your family protected from the unpredictable may sound difficult, but with the support of homeowners insurance, you may do so more easily. This policy can help cover you from many different perils, including liability risks, loss or damage to personal items, damage to the structure of your home, and much more. So as you work on bettering your yard this summer, remember to upgrade your policy as well.