Dangerous Drivers Are Everywhere

Some drivers are dangerous because they are intoxicated behind the wheel. Others are dangerous because they are texting while driving. But what about someone without a valid license? This can also pose a danger to you on the road. In order to protect your vehicle and family from unpredictable accidents, no matter what the cause, you need the support of Ohio auto insurance by your side.

According to recent statistics, nearly 1 million Ohio drivers were behind the wheel without a valid license last year. Many of them got caught driving on a suspended license multiple times. “We write several DUS charges every day,” Clark County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brad Barnhart said. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a national study that found 6.7% of drivers that had suspended or revoked licenses were involved in fatal crashes between 2007 and 2009. Another 5% were unlicensed and among those, more than half had alcohol in their systems.

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So far in 2012, the Springfield Police Division Traffic Control Unit has investigated eight serious injury or fatal crashes, with five of those drivers having been under suspension and three resulted in fatalities. This problem has continued into Clark County, with more than 42,000 active suspensions last year. These statistics are why law enforcement has been using several tools to find and charge suspended drivers. This includes license plate readers installed on some patrol vehicles. When a license plate is read, the officer is flagged if the owner is suspended.

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