Keep Your Home Cool During the Severe Heat Wave

During this time of the summer, the temperatures can become unbearable at times. This is particularly true for the Midwest region. As a resident of Ohio, it is important to prepare your family for the next heat wave that passes. By remaining hydrated, staying cool with air conditioners, and updating your Ohio home insurance policy, you may receive security and protection on all fronts.

Last week, the new record temperature of 102 degrees for Dayton reached record books last Thursday. However, this “honor” led local officials to declare a heat warning, resulting in the opening of cooling centers to provide relief. Public Health of Dayton and Montgomery County announced that a “Public Health Heat Warning” will remain in effect until further notice as highs are expected to remain above 90 degrees.

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Not only were humans in danger of the extreme heat, but so were animals. This is why the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center was called to various homes to help dogs survive the weather. They advise to keep dogs hydrated and fed in order to not feel distress. Also, the heat combined with windy, dry conditions fueled several grass fires.

At Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency , we encourage all homeowners to follow these rules and if circumstances have it, report to the nearest cooling center. The community support felt in the area for those in need is what inspires us to protect local residents as well. With our reliable Ohio home insurance, you can safeguard your assets, structure, and loved ones in your property. We will search high and low to find you and your family the right insurance coverage at the right price. Our policy will help cover you from many different perils, including liability risks, loss or damage to personal items, living expenses, and more. Let one of our friendly agents help make your protection needs a reality now and during the next peril you may face.